Coinspayment Gateway.

I-Shop now accept crypto payment for all the items listed on the shop. We accept 100% coinpayment for the following Crypto Coins.

- Bitcoin (BTC) pay into this wallet ID:   14vn1wfQgNWv9xX5WQNvT69jJX3m6iAmwE

-Electra (ECA) pay into this wallet ID:    EPwzRtikDXsmABwJJHx5v7ouaAb53b9pCS

-Strong Hand Masternodes (SHMN):    MVr3RD1ZWcnebJX3cSGX4mxYPyPSukBEmj


- ColossusXT (Colx) coming soon.

-Ethereum (Ether)  coming soon.

-Litecoin (LTC)  coming soon.

- SHND  coming soon

- Ripple coming soon

- Stellar coming soon.


While making any payment with crypto, kindly confirm the wallet ID before sending your coins. The above wallet Addresses are the one i-shop is using for now. If need be for changes, we will inform all our valuable clients. Please before check out, kindly copy the transaction ID to paste in your checkout box before submitting your order. Without the transaction ID, your order will not be processed. Always specify the coin you make your payment with.

Also for international delivery we accept coinspayment too.  International delivery attract a fixed fee of 45$ payable in CRYPTOCURRENCY.