How to bet on tennis: Learn the secrets of the racquet sport

We have already mentioned that the number of variants that tennis offers makes it one of the most attractive sports to bet on, especially when it comes to betting live.

In addition, many of the best bookmakers offer the possibility of watching the matches from their own website, which increases the convenience and, why not say it, the desire to bet.

As in the vast majority of sports, in tennis there is betting both before the match and during the match. Of course, there are big differences when it comes to betting between these two variants.

Pre-match bets

These are the bets that are placed before the start of each match. As in all tournaments matches are played every day, and players are ranked and eliminated, these are short term bets, i.e. the bet and the match will follow each other almost consecutively.

Aspects to take into account in a specific match

The first thing is the tournament it is, as currently the matches are always three sets, both in men and women, except in the four Grand Slams of the year, where the boys play best of five sets.

This is essential when betting on an ‘over’ or ‘under’ in games or sets, one of the most profitable bets in tennis.

This type of betting involves guessing the number of games or sets in a match. For example, if we want to bet that there will be more than three sets in a Roland Garros match, we will have to bet on +3.5 in sets.

If we believe that there will be 3 sets, we will bet on -3.5. As this is one of the most popular bets and, why not say it, one of the most profitable, it is essential to know which tournament it is, as it also varies the amount of games that can be played.

The type of court on which the game is played is vital.

Tennis is currently played on grass, concrete and clay. Each of these types of court benefits certain players and disadvantages others. A general rule of thumb is that great servers play better on hard courts and grass (fast courts) and great returners play better on clay (slow courts).

However, the style of play in these years has changed with respect to the nineties, as has the material from which the rackets and balls are made, so that the best tennis players in the world perform practically the same, although with nuances, on all types of courts.

Balance between two players

That is, who has won more matches when they have played each other and on what type of court. Tennis, being an individual sport, prioritises the mentality of each player so a very positive balance of one of the two automatically makes him the favourite.

This obviously means that betting on him is not very profitable in a single bet, but a great opportunity in a combined bet (on several matches at the same time).

Ranking position

Tennis is a very fair sport in this respect and the ATP and WTA rankings are a perfect system for finding out who the best players have been over the last 12 months.

The position in the world ranking has to be taken into account, especially in the first rounds where the top seeds do not play each other and therefore there are usually big differences between the players in the matches.

Pre-match vs. pre-tournament tennis betting

This type of betting is simpler, as you can bet on the winner of the tournament and who will play in the final. In recent years these bets, especially in Grand Slam tournaments and to a lesser extent Master 1000 tournaments, were not very profitable.

Due to the limited range of players who were capable of winning them or even reaching the final. Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray have shared major tournaments and finals between them. However, this is changing and as they get older, especially the first two, the number of favourites increases, and so do the potential winnings.

In this sense, and due to the fact that in this era the great players adapt to all courts, the type of court they play on is not so relevant. In addition, the type of ball used has meant that in recent years the serve has become less influential.

This has meant that the game on fast and slow courts has become more and more similar. Obviously, there are still exceptions that should always be taken into account when betting.